Month: October, 2010

Ezra Arrives & Crap Goes Down

Welcome to the conclusion of the story of Ezra. The king loved Ezra Ezra was a bible nerd and a Levitical priest. He loved the bible. And the king loved him. There was one problem. He was in Babylon, not Jerusalem. So he asked the king to let him go back to Jerusalem and take […]

Bible-Bombed By Stryper

Despite Stryper’s status as a big joke, the humor is lost on true fans. Stryper literally threw the Gospel at people. And it was glorious.

Runaway Hearts

I think this is something we all deal with. Our hearts hate being addressed and confronted.

The Elephant

Talking about the elephant is faux pas. But if you’re X-centric, you know it’s the only source of life.

More Treebranch

Gungor is a worship band that plays pretty weirdo music. But that’s really not good enough for me. I need something more. I need something to cure my fever. I have a fever and the only cure is more treebranch!

Ezra: The Daring Prophets

The temple was left half-naked and unfinished. And it sat that way for many years. But then, Haggai and Zechariah showed up. They told the people what God wanted them to do: build the temple

Dances With Wolves

We want to be in a story that is so drastically better than the normal, popular one; the one handed down to us. We want a story that makes learning a new language, learning a new career, and being a completely new person all seem petty. We want a story worth dying for.


Pretty much everything written on Love Subverts is X-centric. That is, it’s off-center because it is Christiocentric.

How I Fell in Love With Welcome Wagon

I once got in a fight with a bag lady in New York city. She was covered in pigeon poo and I was just trying to wash her feet like Jesus would.

Ezra: The Big Meanies

Things were going great for the Ballsy Homecomers. They returned from Babylon and were rebuilding the temple. They were able to worship God again. Everybody was in good spirits.

Then, one day the neighbors showed up. They came to Zerubbabel (the leader of the Hebrews) and they were like, “Let us build with you, for we worship God just like you Jews. Let’s be BFFs! ”