Month: November, 2010

Scorpionfish, Ratfish and Whalesharks! Oh My!

My Dad wanted to take me to the aquarium. I’m glad he did.


20 years ago, my parents were looking to adopt a deaf child. A few months later, my mom arrived in JFK with my malnourished three-year-old Brazilian brother.

Aaron Strumpel music for free?

I’m gonna have to merely whet your appetite with a Strumpel appetizer. He’s offering a 3-song EP of traditional Christmas hymns is free on Bandcamp.

The Mint

The Mint

The Mint hasn’t always been one of my favorite bands.

Shortly before the drummer married one of my best friends, I started the annoying habit of telling all the band members how much I didn’t like their music. It was rude and socially inappropriate. And it happened frequently.

A Beautiful Woman

Today, I saw a beautiful woman. It was hard not to look at her. She was old and hunched over. Her face looked like it was scarred. She looked sad. But she was beautiful in every way. I wasn’t the only one to notice how awesome she was. One of the grocery store attendants fell […]

The Rebel

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He grew up in extraordinary times, though he himself was quite ordinary.


When was the last time you got slapped on the cheek? My guess is that it’s been a while. We’re not a slappy culture. It just doesn’t happen much. So, for somebody who believes in loving enemies, it’s rare that you get to actually “turn the other cheek.”

A Firefly Videogame?

Anybody who saw the show, wanted to be a part of that crew. If a game developer could create an experience that does that, it would sell like hot cakes.

The Russian Doll in Film

The Matryoshka doll looks like a doll. What you’re really looking at is a shell. Inside that shell, it looks like there’s another doll. But no, it’s another shell. So it goes until you get to the real doll in the center. You see this doll in film a lot these days. It’s not there visually, but conceptually.

I Love You

Next time you see me in person, I’m gonna tell you I love you. It doesn’t matter who you are. I’ve been saying it to all of my friends. Especially guys. I left my workplace recently and said it to my coworker, Matt. I wonder how he took it.