Month: January, 2011

Is MLK’s Dream a Reality?

Are Dr. King’s desires and ambitions for our nation a complete reality?

Elephants, Birds and Buffalos: Aaron Strumpel Part 2

“As we were making it, each track seemed to be a character, having a personality of it’s own.” All of the parts combined make up proverbial herd of Elephants.

New Danielson Music Video & MP3

The new Danielson record, Best of Gloucester County, will be released Feb.22, 2011.

Worship Circles & Aaron Strumpel’s Nomadic Pilgrimage

Love Subverts recently spent some time with Aaron Strumpel. He sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb. Playing weird worship music isn’t exactly the expected career path for most musicians

A Zoroastrian Epiphany!

We all know the story of the Magi. But do we know who the Magi really were?