Month: March, 2011

Christian Side Hug

Recently, I came across this Wikipedia entry: The Christian Side Hug.

Welcome the Welcome Wagon

The Welcome wagon is coming to Lancaster. April 9th, they’ll be playing at the Row House at 7:00 pm.

…From a Broken Heart

Tonight will mark 13 years since I lost my dad. I was just 14 years old when he took his life. And my heart was instantly shattered into a million pieces.

Saved You From What?

You will hearing from a wealth of contributors on this subject. To keep things focused, I directed things at a simple question:

A Daddy’s Tangled Daughter

There was a king. He had a daughter he loved more than anything. Shortly after her birth, she was stolen from him…

Danielson at the Chameleon

Tomorrow night, join me at the Chameleon Club’s Lizard Lounge at 5:30 to enjoy Danielson (most likely the sans the pictured 9 Fruit Tree).

Lamb’s Blood And…?

What Goes Good With Lamb’s Blood? A new blog series is coming forth. This verse might give a nice little hint of what to expect.

Dear Haiti

My dear friend Kimberliana is playing a very important show.

A Daddy’s Frailty

I’ve never been a daughter or a daddy. But I feel like I get a very intimate perspective of what both are like when I listen to Tim’s album, Frailty. You can fully feel the joy of a father’s love for his daughter when Tim asks, “Who could ask for more?” in the track, For More.

Birthday Presents

The suckiest part about growing up is that you don’t get as many cool toys on your birthday. But it’s funny how the toys we liked when we were kids still seem to be a part of us.