A Daddy’s Tangled Daughter

by M. Joshua

There Was a King

He had a daughter he loved more than anything.

Shortly after her birth, she was stolen from him.

Her captor taught her a false story that kept her in tangled in ignorance.

Every year, on the day of her birth, her father would symbolically light a floating lantern that would rise into the nighttime sky as a beacon. All of his country men followed. Thousands of lanterns. They would commemoratively illuminate the sky, desperately hoping to draw the princess home.

The king did not relent. He continued every year until he saw his daughter come home.


This comes from Disney’s Tangled (releasing this Tuesday on DVD). Today I saw the film. More importantly, I saw the king’s face.

I wept like I do every time I see Aslan. Pouring tears.

The king was absolutely heartbroken. He wanted nothing but to see his daughter come home. His love turned into a beacon for all to see.

In this very minor character in the film, I saw our Father’s eyes. And I saw his Beacon in those lanterns: a light lifted up as a lamentation and hope for his beloved child.