Month: April, 2011

Good Old Maslow

How familiar are you with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? I was pretty familiar with it. My mom told me Maslow’s values were secular in orientation and were focused on self-esteem (essentially selfishness). Maybe this is true. But as my pastor brought it up last week, I started to realize that there’s some merit to this old triangle.

Palm Sunday & Good Friday

The stage was set. The people of God were about to receive their Messiah. He was coming to set the record straight. Who are the righteous? Who are the wicked? He would figure it all out as soon as he came and went into his holy temple.

John Locke’s Big Mistake

John Locke is one of the most important characters on Lost. If you haven’t seen the whole series, please stop reading. I’m going to spoil John’s story for you.

This Weekend

A little reminder about two important musical events in Lancaster this weekend: Kimberliana and Welcome Wagon

…From Despair

Three times in my life I have curled up in the fetal position and screamed with sobs. Once on the night my husband decided to leave. Once on a night when my mom was dying and my boyfriend was passed out drunk. Once two days before we knew my mom would die.