Month: May, 2011

Mortal Kombat + Left Behind = Flawless Victory

When I was 14, my favorite part of the Bible was Revelations. My favorite book series was Left Behind. And my favorite videogame was Mortal Kombat.

Footnote: Christian TV That Doesn’t Suck

Okay. Okay. Calling Footnote Christian TV is a little bit of a misnomer. The show focuses on all kinds of short stories that punctuate our lives. It never gets preachy. The stories aren’t only about Christians. Many other views get expressed. The show is produced with expert class, precision and skill. Each episode is artfully told as it delicately handles serious and personal stories.

Good News: Day of Judgment

I honestly thought this May 21st Day of Judgement stuff was gonna blow over. Then I saw this fellow in the York square with this sign.

Engagement Photos

My beautiful editor lady and I were photographed recently for our engagement celebration.

How To De-Stress

Cyndi is somebody who loves the Bible more than most people I know. But last Sunday, she was starting with a different text to start preaching from: a psychological article on how to deal with stress. She took it as kind of a launching pad for her points. Her main points were on how God wants us to de-stress.

On Vocation

How do you pursue God’s vocation for your life?

Guest Post: My Prayer

Please take a moment to slow down and really process her words. My Prayer: so many wasted years
intent on self destruction unable to embrace freedom

…From Rejection

My Darkest Words: “I’ll never be loved by a woman because I’m so ****ed-up in the head.”

Attitude Adjustment

Vince told a story about when he recently had a really bad attitude. Discouraged and annoyed, he forced himself to review some old papers that he kept around.