Footnote: Christian TV That Doesn’t Suck

by M. Joshua


Okay. Okay. Calling Footnote Christian TV is a little bit of a misnomer. The show focuses on all kinds of short stories that punctuate our lives. It never gets preachy. The stories aren’t only about Christians. And many other views get expressed.

The show is produced with expert class, precision and skill. Each episode is artfully told as it delicately handles serious and personal stories.


In the episode NSFW, the show takes a harrowing look at the porn industry. They tell five stories. A young woman working as a porn actress. A former porn producer confesses about how he manipulated girls into the industry. A man sees his life slip away as his porn addiction is exposed. A young woman is confronted by the pain and shame related to her boyfriend’s porn addiction. And a youth minister goes straight into porn conventions and┬áministers┬áto the people he finds there.

This is not your typical TV show.

The episode Living With Death made me cry.

This episode lives up to its name. It take a look at a pastor who has had to bury too many babies, a soldier with civilian blood on his hands, and a retired machinist who is hoping to beat the doctor’s prognosis.

The episodes are rich in detail and severity. Lighter subjects get addressed. But of the four existing episodes, the heavy tends to be just that.

The first episode aired November 6th 2010 at 3 am on WGN.

All episodes can be seen on Footnote’s website at Be sure to check it out.