Month: July, 2012

The Barley Harvest’s Violent Sighs

The Barley Harvest is Jon Paul Looney and Ally Green: a unique conglomerate from Texas with a heart for their king and a sound of experimental minimalism. When you first hear their music, the Barley Harvest sounds a lot like Listener. It may seem harsh and void. But when you get to the core of what they’re all about, you’ll find some compelling songwriting.

Dark Knight Rises and Fear

When the credits hit the screen, the first thing I felt was satisfaction. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has concluded. It has addressed part of the famous “What does it mean to be human?” question. And what part of the human experience did he successfully capture? Fear.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie chronicles the lives and trials of these guys: the video game underdogs: the small teams of guys who make authentic and personal games. The message of the film (as I see it) is this: These guys made games. You can too. Just know that the process in getting there is stressful beyond

3 Weak Films and Fatherhood

The subject of fatherhood has been consistently taking on deeper reality in my life. As a result, I see it everywhere – or the lack thereof. So as I share, let me know what you think: am I reading too much into these films?

Deus Ex 3 and Nonlethal Violence

The tradition of empowering gamers to not kill goes back at least 11 years. More recently, Mirror’s Edge (2009) rewarded players for dropping all the guns they found and relying on disarming attackers. This unlocked the “Pacifist” achievement. All the way back in 2001, Metal Gear Solid 2 rewarded players for tranquilizing opponents. And the original Deus Ex (2000) [Author’s note: Best Game Ever] …

Braid and Regret

Braid is an old game. Four years old. Released in 2008 as an indie game for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, it seemed like a typical 2d platformer: You’re a dude that jumps on his enemies to defeat them. Your goal is to save the princess and collect shiny things. Sounds familiar, right?

I thought so too. So I passed on the game. But recently…

Brave and the Mother-Daughter Story

I want to share some of my reflections on the film, Brave. I apologize in advance. I have a tendency to spoil things. Reflections (SPOILERS): The first half of the film was pretty much everything that you had seen from the trailers: the tomboy Scottish princess wants to escape a politically arranged marriage to pursue […]