Month: September, 2012

Humble Bundles of Joy

Dear Theophilus, In becoming aware of all things that are positively affecting the culture that you may not be aware about, I would like to bring your attention to the Humble Indie Bundle: a platform for independent videogames to get into the hands of folk who like games in the name of charity and supporting independent developers.

Honeycomb Tombs, Potomac, and Grief

Within the last several months, two musicians who were part of the Enter the Worship Circle have released powerful solo albums.

Karla Adolphe (also of The Emporiums) released Honeycomb Tombs. And Tim Coons Released Potomac. Both albums have similar themes, dealing with grief and suffering as pivotal elements of our worship. Expect full album reviews coming shortly.

Can You Play As Jesus in Mass Effect?

Check out my guest post on Theology Gaming. Then, let me know what you think about playing games like Mass Effect as a faithful disciple. Can it be done?