Month: October, 2012

Bastion – The Indie Folk Game

Bastion is a fantasy game in a fantasy setting. There are the remnants of pagan religions, confused monsters, and a beautiful but broken country that exists in the sky. Yet, somehow it feels familiar. Almost like it’s somehow our story. The audio is such an important part of this puzzle. The smooth cool narrator tells the story while music plays. It sounds like Americana. I can’t help but feel like this game qualifies as American indie folk: a game that shines some light on what it means to be American.

The Unfinished Swan Pseudo-Review

Monroe woke up in the orphanage to find the swan missing from his mother’s painting. As he went looking for the bird, he found himself inside the empty painting. This is where we begin our adventure through Monroe’s eyes. We toss black paint everywhere. This helps, since the world is entirely white. Entirely. Black splatters distinguish ground from sky. And bench from tree and statue versus frog. ¬†And so we make a wonderful mess of things, discovering the playground of the Unfinished Swan.

Rob Bell’s Upcoming TV Show

I have fallen out of touch. As a once self-professed Rob Bell junkie, I’ve not had any clue that Rob was up to something big. A year ago, Rob handed-off the reigns of his church. He moved to LA to make a TV show, working with Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse. The show is going to be a drama that deals with the subject of faith and spirituality, based loosely on Rob’s own life. It’s set to air on ABC some vague time soon.

Upcoming: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

A game is coming out soon that sounds more like a parable Jesus told than a videogame. The synopsis goes something like this: two sons embark on a journey to find the Water of Life. This water is the only cure for their dying father. The brothers have to work together to overcome dangerous situations. One brother lacks bravery. The other lacks strength.

Potomac and American Spirituality

Ever felt like you’re not a part of American spirituality? Like it’s not yours? It seems like a lot of us have lost our connection with American spirituality. But Tim Coons wants to fix that. He wants to give a sense of history of where we come from – embracing all of the good, true, and honest parts of it.

Dishonored and Nonlethality

You’re very much rewarded for not killing anybody at all in the whole game. It literally makes the game lighter in tone, as less corpses mean that there’s less plague in the city. You’re told up front that this means that the endgame will be much cleaner and that you won’t get a “much darker” ending.

The Creativity of Indie Video Games

In my earlier letters to you, I’ve tried to welcome you to the world of indie games. I shared Indie Game: The Movie, a feature length documentary that gave a very unique look into the creation of an indie game (by the way, that film is now on Netflix Instant). But that movie wasn’t for everyone. And if all you’re looking for is an introduction to indie games, it’s a little too rich. Enter PBS’s Off Book episode on The Creativity of Indie Video Games. It’s one of the best synopses I’ve seen yet. Enjoy.

Upcoming: The Unfinished Swan – A Game About Loss

The Unfinished Swan is an upcoming PS3 game that follows the story of a boy who lost his mother. She was an artist who left him one painting of an unfinished swan. This swan leads him into a strange world where everything has lost its definition. The boy must use his black paint to discover what lies around him.

Honeycomb Tombs and Resurrection

Karla Adolphe created an album specifically for those going through grief. Then she decided to give it away on her website for free. While by it’s definition, an indie album, this isn’t a low-fi indie effort. Honeycomb Tombs may be one of the finest crafted musical experiences I’ve heard. And it’s oozing with soothing honey for those who are going through hell.

Political Debates and Videogames

Today is the first round of debates between Romney and President Obama. To commemorate, the team famous for making Infinity Blade (one of the best iPhone games ever), has created the free short game, VOTE!