Rob Bell’s Upcoming TV Show

by M. Joshua

He's not actually on the show, but he's behind the making of it.

From Nooma to Lost…

I have fallen out of touch. As a once self-professed Rob Bell junkie, I’ve not had any clue that Rob was up to something big. A year ago, Rob handed-off the reigns of his church. Then he moved to LA to make a TV show, working with Lost’s executive producer, Carlton Cuse. The show is going to be a drama that deals with the subject of faith and spirituality, based loosely on Rob’s own life. It’s set to air on ABC some vague time soon.

Love Wins’ effects

I’ve followed Rob ever since I caught my first Nooma in 2005. Read all his books. Saw all of his speaking tours. It wasn’t too long before I stopped paying attention to him and paid more attention to his sources. None of his material was original. He just knew how to make it appealing. Some of his sources were great (Ray VanderLaan). And plenty of it made me question his motivations and teachings themselves.

By the time Love Wins came around last year (and all the hubbub around it), I wanted to be involved in the discussion, so I read it and looked for opportunities to talk about it. Not that they came up much. My general consensus was that the book was that it was horribly written and generally ignorant of its audience. But it did open the door for great discussion. And it let people find what they wanted to find: proof that Bell is a heretic, confirmation that God will save “non-Christians,” denial of both of those, etc. You get out of it what you want to. But that’s the fun thing: it’s reflective of where you are. It helps you find an interesting mirror.

Maybe this show will be like that too?

Nobody seems to have any kind of air date. But when they do, I’ll let you know.