Month: November, 2012

Best Advergame Ever

Advertisement games are terrible 99.9% of the time. The other 0.01% is Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World. This Old Spice-sponsored game is representative of everything we love about indie games: it’s funny, retro, and most importantly, a joy to play.

Josh Garrels Film and Philly Show

Josh Garrels’ music and creative career seems to embody all that Love Subverts is about. Somehow, his musical library is vast and yet my mention on this blog is slim. Since there’s far too much to say and not enough time to say it, I’ll share three things:

He’s got an upcoming Film worth watching.
He’s touring the East Coast and will be in Philly on Saturday, Dec 8.
At the concert, he’ll be showing the film and playing a set with Mason Jar Music.

Weekend Roundup – Nov 26

Thanksgiving day involved a lot of moving parts. And by that, I mean we were moving a lot of parts. Since the house was still full of unpacked boxes and and unorganized furniture, we had to get settled.

Thomas Was Alone, Then He Met The Church

For some, gameplay is everything. For others? Narrative. Videogames are a strange medium where a narrator can make the game work (as proven by Bastion). Thomas Was Alone takes that one step further my bringing us an emotionally compelling narrative. It doesn’t hurt that the game has has a savvy Brit for a narrator. He tells us in humorous elocution how the titular character, Thomas, was feeling.

Double Fine Prototypes and You

Double Fine, the crown-prince of funny videogames, wants your help in deciding which game they’re going to make next. They have 23 different game pitches from folks on their team. Four of them are gonna be made into prototypes. Humble Bundle is making it a pay-to-participate democracy where you pay now and get two of their previous prototypes. Plus, whichever four game pitches win the most votes will get turned into prototypes: which you’ll also get for your monetary contributions.

Weekend Roundup – Nov 19

Jessica and I moved into our new house. And we are tired.

I am eternally grateful for the bakers dozen of friends who helped us move our eight tons of stuff into a four-floor house. We know you’re all sore just like us. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Elsewhere: Seeing The Potential In Everyone

Thomas Was Alone came out today on Steam for PC and Mac. It’s purely a coincidence that today Gamechurch published my article about the game.

Sufjan’s Back With Silver and Gold

Sufjan Stevens ended his two-year hiatus from musical releases today. And oh man is it a doozie. Silver and Gold is a mammoth of a Christmas complilation, covering five disks and fifty-eight songs. Please forgive me for not yet listening to all of them.

Redefining Multiplayer with SPORTSFRIENDS

I’ve written you about indie games, Humble Bundles, and Kickstarter. By now, you’re familiar with indie games and why they matter. But most don’t have local multiplayer options. Fortunately, there are some exceptions. And they’re asking for help.

Zach’s ‘Escape’ from Academia

I found Zach while floating through the internet sea on my makeshift raft. He was blogging about videogames and Jesus on his site Theology Gaming. I’ve come to find him to be a great friend. And while we certainly have different tastes, likes, and spiritual backgrounds, we do have one big thing in common: we’ve both been abducted by Jesus. We’ve also both become fascinated by God’s heart towards games. It seems to be where he’s called us. So, Zach is here to tell you a little bit of how that came to be. Take it away, Mr. Oliver!