Month: December, 2012

Weekend: Time Travel, Elves, and Christmas Microbes

Tina and Wayne came over for lunch. Jess made raspberry habañero chicken with wheat mac ‘n cheese. We showed the Inscores around the house and Wayne surveilled the bathroom where we wanted to hang a cabinet off the wall. He planned to have all the necessary tools the following morning.

Better stuff: Polygon’s Christian Games Story

I’ want to write an article covering Christian videogames that don’t suck. But a much better news source beat me to the punch. It’s got some great sources from GameChurch that contributed to the article. It’s a meaty read, but it’s all around the story of a Christian game designer who is making games to deal with his young son’s cancer.

Elsewhere: Beautiful Power Fantasies and Jesus’ favorites of 2012

Shortly after writing about To The Moon on this site, inspiration crept up on me to write about how the game empowered people on the Autism spectrum. Somehow, it became a whole article on GameChurch about how stuff like that is happening in a bunch of games. Speaking of GameChurch, I had the privilege of contributing to the Ten 2012 Games That Jesus Loves list.

Weekend: Zombies, Christmas Parties, and Baby Jedis

Jess and I didn’t plan our evening effectively. But we made it into the theatre just as the opening credits were starting. The music made it feel more like a soap opera than any of the earlier pieces of the series. Then, the cast started opening their mouths. Hilarity ensued. Hulk Kristen Stewart raged, “YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCK NESS MONSTER?!?” At that moment, I knew that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was going to be the very best Twilight movie yet.

Weekend: Scaredy Cats, Mentorship, and Famous Michael Carr Impersonators

We got MacGyver! He was all about us coming and getting him until he got in the carrier and we walked to the car. He got really scared and started meowing. Jess carried him on her lap. Our hour-long drive really got to our poor kitty and he had a nervous poop. Right on Jess’ lap. We got home, cleaned him up, and got him settled in his room. He was still quite terrified.

Elsewhere: Can You Play Jesus in Dishonored?

A couple months ago, I asked the same question about Mass Effect as a whole. But Mass effect didn’t honor player choice and alternate play-styles half as much as Dishonored does. I answer the question of whether or not it’s possible (and to what degree).

To The Moon and Marriage (and Death)

To the Moon has gotten me to think about my own life, death, and marriage more than any other game I know. It handles these subjects with eloquence and subtlety. We’re drawn into a character’s story through the most painful and important memories.

Weekend Roundup Dec 3

Jimmy showed up at 7:00 on the nose. I showed him my house, got him some water, and we sat in the living room and swapped stories. Before we knew it, two and a half hours had passed.