Weekend: Scaredy Cats, Mentorship, and Famous Michael Carr Impersonators

by M. Joshua

MacGyver playing his new favorite game: "I Win."

Friday Night

Alex and I played Borderlands 2 for the first time since we moved in to the house. Our bi-weekly ‘mentor sessions’ have turned into occasional co-op gaming sessions where I’m learning how to work with Alex and become more like a team. I bark orders a lot. I don’t like that. I’m discovering that I lack skill and patience as a mentor.

When Jess got home, we tried Dr. Who again. Jess didn’t hate it this tim. Matt Smith is simply a great doctor. We could appreciate the show for all that it is instead of getting trapped on the creepiness of the plot or the woodenness of the actor.

We just got to this part. A great moment in the game.



We got MacGyver! He was all about us coming and getting him until he got in the carrier and we walked to the car. He got really scared and started meowing. Jess carried him on her lap. Our hour-long drive really got to our poor kitty and he had a nervous poop. Right on Jess’ lap. We got home, cleaned him up, and got him settled in his room. He was still quite terrified.

Even when he was scared, he was still extremely affectionate. He likes to headbutt us so that we’ll pet him. He likes it when we’re around. Everything else still freaks him out.

After we got MacGyver all setup in his room, we left to see Josh Garrels in Philly.

We scarfed down our Wawa hoagies for dinner. The iPhone Maps App took us to Upper Darby. And we missed the first half of the documentary when we finally got to center city. Since the Maps App sucks so much, I got to see a side of town I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years. It was weird to discover that everything that remained pretty much the same since I was a boy.

Josh Garrels performance was really good. Jess loved it. We were both distracted by how much he looked like Michael Carr in person. Same skin tone, bone structure, facial animations, and even clothing style. Just skinnier with slightly shorter hair. Plus Josh made a sour face a lot. Apparently that’s his thing when he gets really into a song.

Our drive back to Red Lion took longer than I wanted since all of Eastern PA was apparently covered in fog.

Stop trying to be Michael Carr, Josh Garrels! Stop it!



The overseers of our church network, Larry and LaVerne Kreider, came and blessed our church fam on Sunday morning. Larry pulled me aside and talked to me about getting together the following morning for breakfast. I was honored.

Jess and I got home. She wasn’t feeling well at all. So we rested for a chunk of the afternoon. We did a few minor chores, went grocery shopping, and got Seeking a Friend For the End of the World from Redbox. The first half was relatively funny. The second half, not at all.

Then we played Scrabble with MacGyver. He won.

He’s started to venture out of his room. But this morning, he was scared as poop.

Forgive me. I think I'm starting to become a cat blogger.


Early Monday Morning

The weekend doesn’t end until I have to go to work, apparently. Larry and I got together for breakfast. We discussed mentorship and what I was looking for in a spiritual father, and how/if he might be a part of that. He pointed out that it’s really more of a “many fathers” kinda scenario that God seems to want for us. He gave me some names of guys to go to about it, citing his limited availability but continued interest to be something like a “spiritual grandpa.”

Larry also emphasized getting together with other couples for something akin to “counseling.” Maybe my other spiritual dad/mentor and his wife, Jimmy and Jackie. I think that’s all good advice.