Weekend: Zombies, Christmas Parties, and Baby Jedis

by M. Joshua

President Obama’s speech kicked-off my weekend. I slowly opened my heart to feel the gravity of this event. The moment it got overwhelming, I cut it off.

Next, I played and completed Episode 5 of the Walking Dead. Definitely the world’s saddest game. This conclusive episode went just under two hours. So I still had some time to play some of the free games I got over the past two weeks from Playstation Plus: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade, Bioshock 2 (which I greatly enjoyed 2 years ago), and Rochard.

Who gets the food? The kids or the adults doing all the hard work?

Jess got home and dished all the fun details about 18 South’s Christmas cookie party. To relax, we checked out Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project. It’s awkward and irreverent. We took to it immediately. Somehow we stayed up until 1:30 am.

Our breakfast date at the Lion’s Pride stuffed us to the brim and provided breakfast for sunday, too. The Lion’s Scrambler gave us enough food for a medium-sized family.

Joshy turned nine on this day. And what does a nine-year-old want more than anything else? Ammunition for his Airsoft gun, so he can continue to shoot his brothers. So this was what I found myself purchasing from Wal Mart, along with a birthday card with a whoopee cushion and an Optimus Prime gift bag. I’ve never seen a kid so excited over a birthday present.

Jess and I didn’t plan our evening effectively. But we made it into the theatre just as the opening credits were starting. The music made it feel more like a soap opera than any of the earlier pieces of the series. Then, the cast started opening their mouths. Hilarity ensued. Hulk Kristen Stewart raged, “NESSIE?!? YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCK NESS MONSTER?!?” At that moment, I knew that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was going to be the very best Twilight movie yet.

Kristen Stewart goes full Hulk

After we got home, we watched a few more episodes of The Mindy Project.

Alan remixed remixed the whole “Keeping Christ In Chrismas” message on Sunday morning. He pointed-out the fact that we’ve probably not been actually keeping anything. Instead, We can honor Christ best by giving him our hearts, our time, and our waiting – sitting in his presence with patient expectation. That might be a little different from how most folk do Christmas. I dunno. Worship included David Crowder’s Christmas tracks. We seemed to really like the bluegrass remix of Angels We Have Heard On High.

The Christmas party went off without a hitch. Joshy and his brothers snagged a sizable chunk of our senior-elder’s comic book collection. Jess got bubble bath mix. And I ended up with a most generous gift from a twelve-year-old girl.

Bobby is studying the art of making the ugliest face possible for photos.

At five, we met the family that we want to rents Jess’ mom’s house. They have a baby version of Luke Skywalker and you just know he’s gonna make an awesome Jedi. He’s got super genuine parents. And he’s got an adventurous brother who was super stoked to find that the house had some leftover children’s furniture.

Jess convinced me to do some shopping for our kitty and our house. We got the teal buffet she wanted with a matching side-table. MacGyver got a bunch of new toys and a giant bag of litter.

We concluded our evening with a lovely visit to Cheddars, where we both got Fish tacos.