Month: January, 2013

Hearts, Minds, and Book Finds

I read now more than ever. But most of my reading is online. So it came as a surprise when I found myself spending $33.16 on a pair of books when I was at Hearts & Minds with Adam (my best man) and Lina (his 18-month-old daughter) this past Saturday. Even worse, the books were the first I grabbed and I didn’t spend more than thirty seconds deciding on them.

Elsewhere: Out of Nothing – The Trouble with Playing as Creator (and more)

Over at Gamechurch, Creation Week is happening. To kick it off, I shared some musings from playing the HD-remake of one of my favorite games of all time, Okami. I realized that even with some of the Shinto polytheism going on, it is about as close as we could possibly get to playing a game like Aslan. Then the inevitable question arrives: is this some of the best we can do to play Creator?

Elsewhere: Perspective and the Awkward Mirror

I think Perspective is the next Portal. It was made by a team straight out of Digipen, just as the team that made Narbacular Drop (which became the core tech and design behind Portal). It’s one of the best games I’ve played on PC lately. And it’s free. The game takes us deep into a rabbit hole and functions something like a mirror.

Weekend: Teenagers, Bible Stories, and a New Bed (Sorta)

I was at 18 South on Friday night instead of Thursday like usual. We get more kids on Fridays anyway, so it was a lot more fun: A gentlemanly game of Halo 4 with Mason and new guy, Dustin. A round of Monopoly Deal: Millionaire with Chelsea and Levi. And a decent amount of Nindtendoland on Wii U with Courtney, Dakota, and his sister Whitney. Our wiimotes were failing on us for some of it, but it was still excessively fun. Those are some seriously fun kids.

Hotline Miami and the Holy Spirit

So I had to wonder: how do I play a game like this while being filled with the Holy Spirit? Short answer? I think it’s possible. I can and should be playing it that way, but I haven’t been.

Weekend: Bad Guys, Sushi, and a Party

We waited 10 minutes and welcomed our first guests. I got to learn all about my neighbors and didn’t even get to connect with my friends until after about 2 hours of party. This was a good thing. I’ve got really interesting neighbors and I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Death to Videogame Sexism!

I recently learned about the mania that was happening around Anita Sarkeesian this summer. If you missed it too, her TEDxWomen talk will bring you out of the loop: