Month: February, 2013

Updates: Violence, Heaven, and Jess’ Upcoming Videogame Post

I wrote a half-breakup letter to videogame violence. Played a violent videogame. Then I played a videogame about heaven. And I’m almost done the post about Jess’ game experience.

Videogame Prayer Request for ReElise

Have you ever prayed for a videogame before? And I don’t mean the “Oh God, please help me kill this stupid boss!” I’m talking about praying for a team who is making a game for the Kingdom of God: praying that they have all they need to finish the project?

I Made a Video!

Jessica and I have been working on this video for the past month and a half or so, encapsulating kids and volunteers’ stories into a meaningful little nine-minute video. It’ll tell you all about our ministry, 18 South, which Jessica directs. Plus, it’ll tell you all about what God is doing in the midst of that.

Elsewhere: Knytt Underground – The Simultaneous Walk of the Faithful and Faithless

I was tempted to simply say that this game was the Skyrim of Metroidvanias. Good thing I have editors that talked me into writing about something much more interesting than that. Walking with the faithless as a person of faith? Much more relevant to the world.

Jay Tholen’s New Album

Like Happy-weird Jesus-lovin’ Music? So Jay Tholen is a really rad dude that I love a lot and want lots of my friend to love, too. He makes brilliant wacky music about his love for Jesus. And he’s also making videogames. In short? He’s what Love Subverts is all about.

What Are Your Spiritual Self-Expectations?

This past Sunday, I was asked to provide the message for our Church family. The results were… different. I asked everybody to anonymously share the struggles in their relationship with God. For some, it was questions about God’s existence. For others, it was more of a struggle with concepts in the Bible. And for others, it was just real conflicts in prayer life.


Looks like the game Thomas Was Alone suddenly had a dance party. Or maybe Sound Shapes just decided to simplify. Either way, 140 is a project designed by one of the blokes from Limbo. Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.

Bigheads Newell & Abrams Argue: Videogames vs Film

Discussion about a possible Abrams-Newell teamup to bring us a Portal/Half-Life film has been stewing. But at the heart of that prospect is this little discussion from two of the biggest big heads in entertainment fiction:

Weekend: Crepes, Burning Things, and a New Blog?

Friday night: Hairs cut. Picked up Alex to hang out. He brought his volunteer application for 18 South so I could help him. He didn’t know what to share for his salvation experience. So we talked a lot about that and him walking into the next stage of relationship with God. I emphasized how important it is to simply talk to God and inviting Him into all things – even videogames and things that we don’t let him into. Oh! And Alex and I got to pray together as a natural progression of our conversation. It may have made this my favorite of our hangouts yet.

Glad Crab + Bingo = <3

Saturday night, I took Jess to a local dive bar called The Glad Crab. There was a band that was setting up to play. They were in their late 40s or early 50s and they very much liked AC/DC and familiar music. We got a crab pretzel and the super seafood platter – which included several different treatments to shrimp, with fried oysters and the like. Unrelatedly, we decided the next day to start eating a vegan diet.