I Made a Video!

by M. Joshua

The Impact of 18 South

A labor of love

Jessica and I have been working on this video for the past month and a half or so, encapsulating kids and volunteers’ stories into a meaningful little nine-minute video. It’ll tell you all about our ministry, 18 South, which Jessica directs. Plus, it’ll tell you all about what God is doing in the midst of that.

Please watch

Major props go out to Benjamin Bachman of Decade 30 for camera work, video production and cinematography, and Aaron Strumpel for use of his song Grandma (off of his album, Birds). I also have to thank Nathan VanDame and Chris Narcisi for letting me use music from The Mint.

Get involved

Want to contribute to the vision and work of 18 South? You can donate here. Or you can apply for a volunteer opportunity if you live near Red Lion, PA. We’re always looking for volunteers who love Jesus, teens, and the kinds of games they’re into.