Jay Tholen’s New Album

by M. Joshua

Jay is came out of his blanket fort from his afternoon nap to say hi

Like Happy-weird Jesus-lovin’ Music?

Jay Tholen is a really rad dude that I love a lot. And I want you to love him, too. He makes brilliant wacky music about his love for Jesus. And he’s also making videogames. And sometimes he makes music for videogames. In short? He’s what Love Subverts is all about.

Jay has a new album coming out next week called The Low Drone of Earth. To celebrate, please watch this funky fresh music video:

Doesn’t that song ruffle your feathers in the most affectionate and playful way? If you remain unconvinced, note that Jay has a ridiculously large volume of work. I honestly can’t even keep track of how many albums he’s personally made or been on. So do yourself a favor and check out his bandcamp page. By the way, a disgusting amount of that work is free (and all of it is really cheap). So download it now, you dirty dirty hipster.

Wait. Who is Jay, really?

How about we let him answer that question for you?

So yeah, there you have it. The Low Drone of Earth comes out next week. If you wanna learn more about Jay, check out his website, jaytholen.net.