Updates: Violence, Heaven, and Jess’ Upcoming Videogame Post

by M. Joshua

Dear game violence, we need to talk...

GameChurch and Violence?

I tried to breakup with violent videogames. I couldn’t quite pull the trigger. Pun intended. Check out my letter to them on GameChurch.

Speaking of not shooting things...

Case in point: Vanquish

So I finally beat the first boss in this game: a giant spider robot that transforms into an angry Decepticon. It took me 12 tries to beat. I know this because the game keeps track of my deaths and scores my performance against them. Since each death is a huge score penalty, I completed that part of the game with a score of -12,000. Now I am fully convinced that PlatinumGames wants to keep me humble. Zachery informed me that Vanquish’s difficulty is¬†extraordinarily¬†high – especially on Hard. I thought it might be the best way to play the game, but now I’m having second thoughts.

Maybe a Heavenly game will help fix my problem?

Interesting counterpoint: El Shaddai

Playing as the Biblical character, Enoch, is quite fascinating. Though, it seems a little odd to have him cast as an un-bearded blondie. I’m fighting some random kind of bad enemies that show up in the Heaven/ethereal-looking Earth realm that I’m in. I don’t understand why they’re there or what’s happening a lot of the time. But it’s pretty. And the pseudo-biblical story is more than a little fascinating.

I’m looking forward to playing this one a little with Jess and seeing what she thinks.

Speaking of Jess…

I have a post coming up soon about Jess’ experience playing Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. It’s unexpected and very interesting. I’m just trying to work out the format and my treatment on the post: Should I make it multi-faceted or more of a one-off kind of thing? And I’m thinking about creating some kind of format with it. Not sure that I’m gonna start up a whole new blog for my posts with her yet. What do you guys think?