Videogame Prayer Request for ReElise

by M. Joshua

ReElise needs to be freed from her nightmare. Pray for her?

Pray For This Game

Have you ever prayed for a videogame before? And I don’t mean the “Oh God, please help me kill this stupid boss!” I’m talking about praying for a team who is making a game for the Kingdom of God: praying that they have all they need to finish the project?

If you haven’t done that before, maybe you’d be up for trying it?

Hey gnarly tree! 'Sup?

My friend Justin Fox is a game designer who doesn’t have much in the way of money or fans. But where he lacks money, he has great faith. And where he lacks a large number of fans, he has huge prayer requests for the few fans that he does have.

Going to church for all the wrong reasons

Justin is making a game that wrestles with the Christian themes of sin, revenge, repentance, redemption, and of course, the tragedy of sex trafficking. Oh and hip hop.

Elise kinda needs Jesus.

Justin grew up on role playing games on his Super Nintendo and he feels that this format is perfect for telling a story of a young woman’s journey from being a tool to being God’s instrument of redemption. ReElise is best described as an Earthbound-like with a hip-hop vibe that deals with hard-hitting Christian themes. This is no kiddie after-Sunday-School Special. Sex trafficking is an unfortunately common occurrence in the world where the game takes place. But I don’t know a lot of the details of the story. I just know Justin’s heart – which is a truly good heart. I can’t overstate how much this guy loves Jesus and wants to see his Kingdom come. So even though some of the elements of his game, ReElise, look really dark, I know that Justin is setting the stage of darkness to reveal a great light.

Lots of places to go and monsters to slay

The project is shaping up nicely. It has a ton of original artwork, music, and storytelling. But it’s pretty much all made by just one guy. And he needs a lot of help. Most of that required help is prayer and encouragement. It’s a lot of hard work to make a game – especially a good one – if you’re just one guy.

So please lift Justin up in prayer and intercession. And pray that ReElise comes together for him. It’s been a long and hard effort for him. And it’s gonna be really rad when it comes out! I’ll keep you posted on the game’s status and when we’re looking at a release announcement. Thanks!