Month: March, 2013

Last of Us Interview

At PAX East, I got the privilege to interview a team-member from Naughty Dog about The Last of Us. I think my questions were complicated enough. I spent like half the interview just getting them out. Stick around for the last question. Dude did a great job with my curve ball.

PAX East: Videogame Mission Trip

Up at 2 on Friday morning. Met with Second Fiction guys in Lancaster by 4. Made it to Boston around 11. Took us another hour or two to get into the convention center because Boston traffic is the worst thing in the world. It was made worse by the fact that 36,000 nerds were converging on the same spot.

Upcoming: Transistor

Supergiant’s next game, Transistor, follows a similar art style and approach, but it’s something completely its own. The trailer was rad. But the first fifteen minutes are good enough that I’ve been looping it in the background as I work. Check it out:

Podcasts Ahoy! Megaman 2!

In our latest recording, we discussed the relationship between Megaman 2 and The Rule of Life. It might sound like a bit of a stretch, but stick with us.

Weekend: Banana Bread, Bible Jeopardy, and Argonauts

Vince co-hosted with Alex as they asked questions that split down the middle between pop culture and Bible trivia. I volunteered to be one of the contestants. I correctly guessed things like the starting year of Metallica, the primary characters in Family Guy, and who said what in what book of the Bible. By the final round, I was well ahead of Elise and Isaiah with a score of $6600, $4400, and $2800 respectively.