Weekend: Banana Bread, Bible Jeopardy, and Argonauts

by M. Joshua

In Bible Jeopardy, we use baby toys to buzz in. Cuz that's how we roll.

Sunday Morning: Bible Jeopardy & Roburritos

Vince and Alex co-hosted Bible Jeopardy. They asked questions split between pop-culture and Bible trivia. I volunteered to be one of the contestants. I correctly guessed things like the starting year of Metallica, the primary characters in Family Guy, and who said what in what book of the Bible. By the final round, I was well ahead of Elise and Isaiah with a score of $6600, $4400, and $2800 respectively.

The final question trumped us all. “_____ is the new religion of our day that will fill our Education system…” (that’s actually my cheap and short-sighted paraphrase of the final question). If I would have had my thinking cap on, I may have guessed “Humanism” correctly. Isaiah was the only one who did the right thing and bet conservatively. Elise and I lost all our money and Isaiah won. I was pretty proud of him. Not every day that two 29 year olds get beaten by a 14 year old.

"I'll take Your Nose for $600, Alex..." "...Look I got your nose, Alex!"

On the way home, we realized that our best option for lunch was Roburritos. I forgot how much I missed their food. It had been a surprisingly long time!

Saturday Morning: Signed Lease & Beautiful Emptiness

Our new tenants for Jess’ mom’s house signed the lease!

We used Wayne’s truck to load up the ton and a half of remaining junk and we hauled it all over to Salvation Army. Matt & Becka (new tenants) helped. We were so stoked when the Salvation Army guy didn’t even look in the boxes and was like, “Yup, we’ll take it all.” The house is now officially empty! Matt & Becka wasted no time at all and got to ripping out all the horrible carpet and planning out the reflooring process. I was destroyed by all the lifting and moving, but they had a second and third wind apparently.

I think this effectively captures how crazy this game is.

Friday night: F150 and P4:Arena

Picked up Alex at 7. Got Wayne’s Ford F150 at 7:15. Wayne told me he wanted to give me a camouflage headband so I looked like a “real Red Lioner” driving his truck. Alex and I prayed for about twenty minutes when we got back to my house. At 8, we started duking it out in the 1-hour trial version of Persona 4: Arena.

I tried to take it easy on him, but since it was both of our first times playing it, I can’t really say that I was being unfair, by winning almost every round. I wonder if I have an unnatural advantage having grown up with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat?

We gave the story mode a shot. After fifteen minutes of exposition and character development, the characters were about to magically dive into a TV to go into another dimension where they’re powerful fighters. Not playing any of the Persona series, I have no idea if this is a normal thing or not. Right when it seemed like the story was about to get interesting and we might actually get to some gameplay, the demo ended. We howled at the screen, “Nooo!”

Then I showed Alex El Shaddai. It was fun. He liked it a lot. I like it a lot thus far (Chapter 4).

Jennie and the Birthday Girl, ready to blow out candles on the Birthday Banana Bread

Saturday Night: Dr Seuss & Retro/Grade

To celebrate Verna’s birthday and Dr. Seuss Day (according to the Carpe Diem Calendar), we all got together on Saturday night, ate banana bread with moose-tracks ice cream and watched Horton Hears a Who.  I forgot how good that movie was. But since it was after a busy day of manual labor, I passed out in the Donahue living-room theatre and started snoring.

I was so exhausted that I had an energy drink at about five and that got me jazzed up. Jess was so tired that she went to bed before ten. I couldn’t quite settle, so I got to playing games. I was planning on getting further in El Shaddai. Instead, I played through the entire campaign on Retro/Grade (on Pro).

I probably need to do a pseudoreview for this game. It's pretty honking great.

Retro/Grade is best described as a reverse-shoot-em-up that plays like a Rhythm game. Based on a reverse-time continuum, you have to undo all your shots, and redo your dodges in reverse. When I shared this game with Jess, she thought that the music was by Jay Tholen. Take a listen for yourself.

Sunday Night: Argo

To wrap-up our weekend exploits, Jess and I retreated to Frank Theatres and we watched Argo.


The film told the real life story of a CIA agent who rescued American citizens from Iran during the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis under the false pretense of trying to shoot a Star Wars knock-off in Iran. As somebody who has a huge love and heart for Iran, John Goodman, and science fiction, this film captured me like a tiger with a toe-hold. And say what you will about Ben Afleck, dude knows how to direct an interesting movie.