Month: April, 2013

My Wife Plays Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Jess hates videogames. Or so she says. Most often, this is perfectly accurate. But she sometimes surprises me with the games that she does like. And when she really likes one? She really gets into it. But this is extremely rare. And that returns me to the general rule: Jess hates videogames. And it’s also why I wanted to start this series. I figured she’d be the best non-gamer to ask about games. I figured she’d be honest and put us gamers in our right place.

Six Years in the Making?

Six years ago, I was at a cook-out behind my senior elder’s house. The place smelled like hot dogs, macaroni salad, and summer deserts. At some point I fell asleep on the swing bench. I woke up when I heard we had a new visitor.

Elsewhere: Bioshock Infinite Review

I reviewed Bioshock Infinite over at Substance TV. I only cover the gameplay, so don’t worry about anything getting spoiled. Maybe one of these days, I’ll write-up a commentary on the way the game handles Christianity in its story. I loved the art and style of the game though, despite disliking most everything else.

I don’t think I do a great job of explaining where I come from when it comes to gaming as a representative of Jesus. Bryan Hall interviewed me for Theology Gaming and did an exponentially better job than I could have possibly done by myself.

Question The Bible?

Is it time to question the Bible? Have you ever really listened to people question the Bible? “Do you really believe that he fed 5,000? Do you honestly believe Mary was a virgin? How do you know Jesus really rose from the dead?” Are these questions that, when asked, really beckon for an answer? “How can we know that the accounts of the Bible are actually true? Did you know that the Bible says to kill people who have sex outside of marriage? How could a loving God exist if there’s eternal punishment for finite sins? What kind of God would order his people to commit mass-genocide like in the book of Joshua?”

Elsewhere: Jesus in Walking Dead?

Telltale’s Walking Dead is all about making hard decisions. Who do you save? Who gets to eat? Who to put out of their misery, etc. As with Dishonored and Mass Effect 3, I felt inclined to ask if the choices given allow you to play as Jesus would. In short? As with those previously mentioned titles, the results are a messy mix of yes and no.

Date Night: Ethiopian Food, Wovenhand, and Wal Mart

I met Jess at Addisu Ethiopian restaurant at exactly the same time at 5:20. The restaurant, just down the street from F&M college in Lancaster, offered some authentic Ethiopian delights with traditional serving situations. They also had a few ingredients for sale as part of their grocery. Right before the owner came over to talk to us, Jess told me she’d be okay if we came there every day.

Elsewhere Roundup: Miasmata, Friends, and Becoming a New Challenger

Here’s a roundup of stuff I’ve been writing on other sites. And a few of my friends’ posts that are really worth checking out.

10 Sweet Finds at PAX East

I saw a crap ton of games at PAX East. But here’s just a few that I felt compelled to really look into: