Month: June, 2013

Guess I’ve Been Busy?

I’ve got lots of new stuff popping-up all around the interwebs: from commentary on TV shows, to weird indie game first-person narratives, to interviews with game designers.

My Wife Plays Portal 2

On rare occasions, Jess will get into a game. And while she may enjoy it, she’s still not exactly keen on the idea of “wasting time” on it. As a result, I’m on a quest to find games she likes that we can play together. Also, it would be nice to find some meaningful games she doesn’t hate (but more on that another time).

Elsewhere: E3 From Central PA

Unfortunately, Skype didn’t provide the best video quality, so I look rather janky. Still good convo and food for thought about E3, gamer entitlement, and how to wisely navigate our own geek excitement.

Weekend: Sushi, Testimonies, and Romantic Zombie Flicks

Friday night, we had our first official GameCell. James, Alex, and I plopped ourseves in our backyard’s comfy lawn chairs where we talked about work, life, and what Christian worldview is. Conversation seemed to naturally lead to Matthew 7 where Jesus talks about trees that bear good fruit and bad fruit. Then all three of us prayed and we retreated to the basement. I gave James the honor of being the first to play The Last of Us. An extremely intense twenty minutes later, James handed me the controller and said “cool game.” Then he had to go and Jeff Adams joined us. We caught up as succinctly as we could then dove back into the Last of Us. For a significantly less-intense before I shared a bit of the Swapper.

Elsewhere Roundup: Podcasts, Game Lists, and Sermons (Oh my!)

Theology Gaming Podcasts, preaching at my church, and 5 mobile videogames that are worth playing; all in one convenient place for you.

Weekend with the Folks: Ethiopian Coffee, Amish Auctions, and Spaceteam

Sunday morning, Vince preached on the Fruits of the Spirit and specifically that of Self Control. At one point, he illustrated what being out-of-control looked like. Nothing that he involuntarily knocked over had any permanent damage. After that and worship, something pretty fancy happened.