Guess I’ve Been Busy?

by M. Joshua

I’ve got lots of new write-ups and interviews popping-up all around the interwebs.

1. Minister Caught in Bed on Sitcom (Not a Big Deal?)

My first Christ & Pop Culture article is all about one of my favorite sitcoms, albeit one who painted a Christian character in a compromising light.

Read ‘What’s Up With the Mindy Project’s Sexy Christian Minister?’

2. The Swapper on GameChurch

The Swapper is all about dying to your old self. But it’s nothing like the dying to self Jesus was talking about. In fact, it’s about cloning yourself and then swapping your soul about as your old selves die. But it’s smart, I promise.

Read ‘Shedding My Old Self in the Swapper’

3. Top 5 Runner Games on iPhone

Runners are a pretty new genre of games. Nowhere else are they thriving like on the iPhone (where they started). I take a stab at what I believe to be the five best on the iDevices.

See the list of 5 Best Runners on iPhone (Substance TV)

4. The Isaiah Stevens Bundle on STV

Isaiah is the only game designer I’ve known since he was in diapers. This isn’t too hard, since he’s only fifteen. I didn’t even know he was making games until he told me he had something he wanted to show me at church. Since then, Isaiah has graciously provided four of his games for the world to play.

Check out the Isaiah Stevens Bundle over at Substance TV.

5. Theology Gaming Interview with Richard Terrell about Game Design and more

Last but not least, we have my conversation with Richard Terrell, an indie developer working on BaraBariBall. Topics range from Terrell’s experiences with Smash Bros, to Christians in game development, his blog (Critical Gaming), Sports Friends, BaraBariBall, Playstation Pub Fund, Indie Games, Guacamelee, parents playing videogames, and the Trigon theory of game design.

Listen to the Podcast Interview over at Theology Gaming