Month: July, 2013

GameCell 4 – The Yawhg

Stevie showed up fifteen minutes early. Nick got there within the next five minutes. We chit-chatted and waited for Alex to arrive. I gave them a preview of the game we’d be playing: The Yawhg.

Prayer Walking, Games By Friends, and Nonviolent Imagination

I’d love to tell you all about the most important things that are going on in my life and the world around me. If you stick around, you might even find something you like.

Game Pitch: Apocolypsis

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about making a game. It formed immediately after Tony Campolo spoke at Creation about the Lordship of Jesus. The heart and core of that message translated into a game involving a setting and art style akin to Super Metroid and the top-down perspective of Hotline Miami (to be fair, that perspective goes all the way back to NES titles like Mission Impossible). Most importantly, the game is about survival. And since it takes place in dark setting where you can only see with your flashlight, it squarely lands in the genre of survival horror. Now I’m sure you’re wondering: what does this have to do with relating to Jesus in any meaningful way? Instead of spelling it out for you, I’m just gonna share the gameplay with you and see if you can figure it out.

A Rad Christian Videogame About Heaven and Hell (OMG!), Dropsy the Clown, and Link as a Pentecostal Evangelist,

I found three super awesome things about God and games on the internets today. And while I have almost nothing to do with any of them, they’re all irresistibly worth sharing.

GameCell 3

Alex and I have gotten together to play games for way more than two times, but this past Friday was only the third time we’ve gotten together as an intentional cell group. And we got a bunch of new guys!

The Last of Us, Eschatology, and The Theology of Player Involvement

Man, if I could deliver on the title of this post without this being a wrap-up post, that would be awesome. Don’t feel disappointed. I’m gonna try to tell it as if it was one contiguous story that led to different chapters. Let’s see how it goes.