Month: August, 2013

Heaven When You Die? Not According to the Bible

Last week, I preached that folks don’t go to heaven when they die. Somehow I didn’t get stoned to death. Probably because I told people not to accept what I say. Mostly, I just want people to crack their Bibles open and really think about this. And maybe challenge me on it.

Rogue Legacy and the Theology of Game Sex

Kinda late in posting this stuff, but it’s recommended if you find Christian commentary on videogames fascinating.

GameCell 6 – John 3, PewDiePie, and Gone Home

Alex, Josh Z and Richie made up our skeleton crew this week. I started off by asking what super power you would have if you could choose, and what your huge downfall would be. Since it was Richie’s first gamecell, he went first. His power was cyborg arms that could turn into knives, but not guns cuz he didn’t want anything to do with guns. His downfall? He couldn’t feel his arms.

Hacking Augmentation Clinics, Documenting Space Betrayal, and Developing Character with Zombies

Life’s been pretty normal lately. Here’s just a sampling of my everyday same old, same old.

Gamecell 5 – Indie Game: The Movie: The Games

When Stevie showed up with his buddy, Noah, I knew we were in for a good night. I asked Noah what he knew about GameCell and he said he heard we played games. I asked him if we knew we would be beating him over the head with the Bible later. He got red in his face and just looked at me. I smiled.