Month: September, 2013

Why We Love, Why We Hate, And Why Baby Badgers Are Important

Over at Substance TV, we started a new review format called, “Why We Love.” Review scores usually tell us whether a game is worth learning about. A high score tells you to check out the game. A low score tells you that the game doesn’t matter.

GameCell – ‘Empathy for Others’ Night

“Who comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘enemy?'” James and Alex offered their answers: “Satanists,” “Muslims” (half joking), and “the guy who used to beat me up every day.”

Going Home, Watching Jess Play, Picking the Summer’s Best, and Visiting Raystown Lake

I wrote about Gone Home. Jess squeals at Proteus. I made a list of the top five apps of the summer. And Jess, Luna, and I went to Raystown Lake.

GameCell Fight Night

“What would Jesus fight for?” I asked. “People?” Stevie said. I smiled. “That’s a really good answer.”