Month: November, 2013

GameCell 12: We Need Each Other

Everybody in the room shared their answer. Three of my five new guys felt comfortable enough to share their agnosticism (I’m so glad that they felt safe enough to share). John’s answer in particular stuck with me. And led pretty well into the theme of the evening: that the church is people that needs one another, for the benefit of all.

Superfluous Ramblings: GameWriting & GameCell

A five-part episode about my scattered game-related activities

Games I Recommend (or Not)

Here’s a bunch of games I wrote about to encourage you to play or not to play.

Gamecell: Pat Gann and 4-Player Jamestown

“What’s your big thing of the week?” I asked. “It can be a game, something important in your life, or whatever excited you this week.”

Vince, Alex, and Brian shared. Answers veered on the serious side. But I talked about a videogame called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I described how it hit me as hard as Pixar films usually do.

Then Pat Gann showed up!