Month: December, 2013

2013 In Review: Creations and Thank Yous

A lot of people helped me to make wonderful things this year. ¬†Writing mostly. Speaking on occasion. Designing and making videos throughout. Today I’d like to share some of the things I’m most proud of and take the op to thank everybody who helped make it all possible.

I’m Proud of This 2013 Best Games List

I played way too many games this year. I picked the ones that had the biggest impression on me over this year, while making fun of some of the ones I though were dumb. The other Theology Gaming guys provided some assistance in being half-serious.

Ten 2013 Games That Jesus Loves (And Why), a Crysis Vacation Guide, and TG News

I had the privilege of being a part of GameChurch’s annual list of games we think Jesus would love. I was responsible for write-ups on number seven (Shelter) and number ten (The Stanley Parable). Check it out.

The Humblest King

Long ago, a kingdom fell into disrepair. The people hated the King and just knew he was a wicked and loveless man. But truth be told, he was wasn’t. In fact, he was humblest and most loving king there ever was.

GameCell Monaco Night (& Jesus Feeds Five Thousand)

“Ever hear the story about Jesus feeding the five thousand? Why do you think he did that?” “To show that he was God?” James said. And Josh Z said, “So that people would believe in him?” Both good answers. We dove into John 6 for a bit. Other famous stories came up: Jesus walked on Water. Then they teleported (we don’t talk about that part as much). Then Jesus talked about how he is the Bread of Life from Heaven. Jesus really harped on this point for some reason. It seemed to bug James. “Why does Jesus have to say the same thing again and again and again? This is why I hate reading the Bible.”

The Apostle Paul, Interdependence, and the Wolf Among Us

Some recent developments: The Apostle Paul and The Wolf Among Us Remember in Acts 20 when that guy fell out of a window when Paul was preaching? This has a teensy bit to do with that. I examined Telltale’s Wolf Among Us: Episode One and it’s similarity to the Apostle Paul’s origin story over at […]