Month: February, 2014

Encore Gamecell

In which, we played GameCell’s greatest hits and wonder why Jesus got angry before he raised his buddy from the dead

Rethinking Christian Videogames – Theology Gaming Podcast

Zachery and I talked with a couple of our game developer friends on a podcast about what a “good Christian videogame” could look like.

Why We Love Hoplite

Tactical RPGs usually have a lot of slow methodical plodding, high stakes, and fancy animations. But Hoplite has none of that. Instead, it’s just one roman soldier (called a hoplite) against a progressively-scaling selection of hell’s minions. Forget the name, graphics and setting. If you like turn-based tactical games, this is your jam!

Flappy Bird Is Gone. Here’s Five Better Ways To Keep Flapping.

Dong Nguyen (dude who made it) took it down for some reason. Definitely wasn’t because the game wasn’t making money. Regardless of why he did that, there’s a huge collective of newfound mobile gamers who feel the void.

Why We Love Shadowrun Returns

“Today, I run the shadows. Get paid. Get dirty.” – Coyote. Tactics and exploration in a dark and nuanced world would be enough to carry a game. Add sage writing to that mix and you’ve got something worth writing mom about.

Samurai Gunn GameCell

Richie told us how he got Christmas Skunk hair (his brother’s hair dye) and how things seemed to be going well with a certain young lady. Then he, Alex, and I busted out pixelated katanas and started slashing one another.