Month: March, 2014

Starwhal Identity GameCell

In which, we welcome two new Matts, discuss identity, and play not nearly enough of Starwhal: Just the Tip

Ugly Fan Service: God’s Not Dead (Un)Review

So this God’s Not Dead movie surprised a lot of folks by making a multi-million-dollar splash in box offices this weekend. It’s supposed to show how Christians should respond to atheists. But I take huge issue with its ugly framework:

Pitch Process: Banner Saga, Loving Gay Folk, Walking Dead, Sang Froid, and No John 3:16 Without Miraculous Healing

In which, I write about the too many things I want to write about in hopes that somebody is like, “Dude, that!”:

Epic Lent Gamecell

In which, our GameCell attendees screamed more than ever, we talked about Fasnachts, and what Jesus has to do with doughnuts:

Pitch-Process: Walking Dead S2:E1, Last of Us: Left Behind, Alpha Protocol, Remember Me

In which, we process a bunch of thoughts on videogames stream-of-consciousness style. We let readers decide if any of these thoughts warrant further development. Warning: mid-game spoilers to Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1:

Epic Rabbi Battle: Why We Love The Shivah

You will love The Shivah’s epic rabbi battle. We spoil the game’s story a bit by talking about the rabbi battle. And that’s okay. Because if you didn’t know about it, you probably wouldn’t get the game. That is, unless you love rabbis or point-and-click adventures. So let us be say it again: you will love the game’s epic rabbi battle.

‘Bad Christian Games’ Group Chat, Ken Levine’s Downsizing, and Jazzpunking

In which we list some fun discussions we’re having elsewhere: