Month: April, 2014

No Underestimating the Walking Dead and a Theology of Exploration

In which, contributions elsewhere point-out the value of oft-overlooked folk and remind us to have an explorative theology.

Resurrection and Octodad: GameCell Recap

In which, our GameCell talked about the resurrection of Jesus and octopuses who have to make coffee.

Holy Monday: Why Did Jesus Really Curse The Fig Tree?

The first thing Jesus does after Palm Sunday where he rode into Jerusalem, cleaned-out the temple, and healed the sick? He flip-outs on a fig tree…

Pitch Process: Invisible Inc., Ether One, Luftrausers,

In which, Josh digests three games and discovers something worth writing about (maybe).

Rest, Heal, And Clothe the Naked

In which, a couple of contributions elsewhere remind us to rest, heal, and clothe the naked.