Kardashian’s Hollywood, Peter Pan Syndrome, and The End of Times

by M. Joshua

In which, we look at a few of Josh’s exploits elsewhere:

Why is Kim Kardashian’s Videogame Blowing Up Right Now?


I know this sounds crazy, but I found some redemptive qualities in Kim Kardashian’s new videogame. Madness!

For now, as I look back at Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood, I can see a game that excels for one core reason: it’s explicitly for girls. There’s not been enough of that. So maybe we can celebrate the gender-appeal-diversity, even if the name of the game makes most of us game-snobs cringe?

Read about it on Plus 10 Damage.

A Story About My Uncle’s Peter Pan Syndrome


A Story About My Uncle is a super fun game with a bedtime story premise. Problem is, it’s not actually made for kids. It’s made for me.

“We treat the games we play as conceptually being for other people – in this case, children. But what if we (the gaming elite) are really the only ones playing them?”

Read about it at GameChurch.com.

Eschatology (End Times) and Videogames Podcast


We talked all about what will “definitely really happen” at the end of the world and what the Bible says about the matter. More importantly, we talk about the videogames that try to grapple about this subject (and as little as possible about the Left Behind series).

You can go to the website and listen here. Or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.