Month: August, 2014

Articles: Playing as Oppressed, Spiritual Formation, and “NecroDancing”

Josh talks about playing as a teenage girl in an arranged marriage, how his relationship with Jesus intersects with games, and why he’s excited to dance to a roguelike videogame.

Thinking About Iraqui Kurdistan

All the news about current events in Iraq kinda feels like an invisible knife. I know it’s there. Just don’t know what to do about it. So here I am with a ton of pictures I never shared from 2010 that tell a story of life in post-Saddam Kurdistan.

Gamecell Recap – Aug 15

Last week, we rallied the GameCell. We talked for a while about life and spiritual formation. Then we attacked each other with swords.

Knight-Digging, Enemy-Loving, and Abyss-Diving

Hey Kids, wanna dig for treasure with a Knight? Love Enemies as a French Grandpa? Jump into pits filled with Chilean Sea Monsters? You’re in the right place.

Destiny Acts Like a Sponge, Bioshock Dies, and We Theologically Justify Videogame Time

In which, we look at articles published elsewhere about Bioshock’s conclusion and Destiny’s beginning. Oh, and that time we tried to justify videogames from a theological position (full of biases, of course).