Gamecell Recap – Aug 15

by M. Joshua

Last week, we rallied the GameCell. We talked for a while about life and spiritual formation. Then we attacked each other with swords.


“What are you most excited about?”

First-timer, Joey, brought his buddy Anthony. Anthony was excited to get out of McDonalds and get a more grown-up gig. Joey said he was excited to get out of old habits. Jeff was excited for a pro-league Counterstrike competition that he might get accepted to in Denmark. I told everybody I was excited about the arrival of my new DDR Dance Mat that I got for Crypt of the Necrodancer.

“What is your first memory of the church or Jesus?”

“Having to go to the confession booth,” Brian said. He elaborated and drew a picture of awkwardness and having no idea what to do. Jeff shared similar stories about semi-recent Catholic church experiences related to the loss of family members. Anthony shared a lot of his own confusing experiences related to Catholocism. And Vince did too. I shared a story of being at a Beth Yeshua Synagogue at the age of three, seeing everybody doing Davidic dance and saying, “Mommy, I wanna dance!”


“What is the next step in your spiritual formation?”

This question had profound under-pinnings as everybody seemed to lay their cards on the table. Many of our guys shared their unfiltered agnosticism and wondered what that meant in the overall flow of conversation about “Life, God, and Games.” Some of our guys shared that they’re really not sure what’s next or what to anticipate. Vince shared about his growing understanding of being a dad and how to love his wife and kids. And one of our guys just expressed how much his family was hurting due to illness and mental health concerns. So I asked if we could pray for him. Jeff suggested we all hold hands. The rest of the guys seemed into it.


“What would you like to play?”

I laid-out games in three categories: 8-bit Nintendo, Artsy Flying PS3 Games, and Smash-Bros-Like Multiplayer. Being our newest-most participant, Anthony got to choose. With a small amount of guiding, he landed on Abyss Odyssey. And the smashing ensued. Joey expressed that he only wanted to watch instead of picking a game and playing. Then Dakota Williams showed up for the first time since he was home from Basic Training. Since Joey passed for his turn, Dakota chose “whatever would be the most fun for everybody to play.” We translated that to “lets play some Samurai Gunn.” Garrett seemed to have a lot of fun with this even though he got the short end of the katana. Many laughs were had. After about forty minutes of play, the crowd thinned and we had just ten more minutes to pick something else to play. So I handed the controller to Vince and loaded-up Hohokum. Of course, the young men looked at the kitesnake protagonist and said, “Whoa, is it a multi-colored sperm?” I said, “No, I don’t think so, but you can make the world more colorful by smashing into things with it’s face.”