Month: September, 2014

GameCell Recap: Five Games and a Heavy Question

We had a rather eventful Friday Night. Heavy conversation. And heavy play time. Super rich evening.

Videos: Doubt, Steam, and Hope?

Our GameCell asked a lot of brilliant questions last time we got together. But we didn’t have time to answer all of them. To preserve the value and integrity of the questions being asked, I took to video.

Let’s Play ‘This War of Mine’

This War of Mine is a game about the victims of war. Using survival-crafting mechanics, the game casts us into the care of three survivors. I’d like to share my play-through of the game with you.

GameCell Question Night

This time, all our serious questions came from the guys, not me. First, we broke the ice with “What games have affected you on a deep emotional level?

Articles: Friend Hunting Diablo on Roads Not Taken (Where No Gamers Are Allowed)

Sorry if that title is a little misleading. Four different thoughts there: friend hunting, Diablo-ing, comparing some game called Road Not Taken to my teacher, and a podcast about the ugliness of the word Gamer.

Immersion GameCell

Joey, Alex (Hively), Nick, Vince and I packed into my living room. Alex (Carter) showed up with some chips for snack. Time for the first question