Month: October, 2014

GameCell Recap – Forgiveness Night

“Seventeen years ago, my best friend unleashed a rage on me like I’d never seen. During a round of Goldeneye, He screamed at the top of his lungs, “YOU FREAKING F****T!” Sure, I was screencheating. But that sowed a bitter seed between us that lasted for over a year. It took a long time for us to forgive one another.”

Recaps: Gamecell’s Papa Night

“Just love and listen.” This seemed to be what King Daddy was reminding me as I prepped for our Friday Night experience. Questions sat in queue, but I said ready for Him to illuminate the theme: He’s a loving Papa who wants to connect with these dudes.

Articles: Snow White Has Neverending Nightmares of a Lethal League.

In which, we look at stories about Jesus showing up in nightmares (in a good way), fun violent things to do with friends, and why Snow White should get her own game.

Articles: Crawling Gang Beasts Spin Through a Roundabout in This War of Mine

In which, we look back at a bunch of articles contributed about Crawl, Gang Beasts, Roundabout, and This War of Mine.