Articles: Crawling Gang Beasts Spin Through a Roundabout in This War of Mine

by M. Joshua

In which, we look back at a bunch of articles contributed about a ton of unique games.

Crawl is the Improv Theater of the Future


“Crawl encourages us all to be narcissistic actors. Each player’s motivation to take the spotlight keeps the play going.”

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Roundabout Review: The Best FMV Game Ever

Roundabout wants to be an outstanding skill-based game. It’s got the leaderboards, extremely demanding expectations of each level (the best rating I ever got was a 68%), and the speed-run infrastructure to challenge even the most precise of players… Roundabout’s crowning achievement is that it’s the best FMV game ever made. And that’s something.

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Growing Into Mature Gang Beasts (Preview)

Gang Beasts may be the awkward-comedy-brawler of the year. It’s neck-and-neck with Starwhal: Just The Tip. We’re gonna be hearing a lot more about these games as they update from Early Access to full release. And right now, Gang Beasts is very early. Like no-soundtrack or textures early. But even in this super-rough ultra-buggy state, I can say with no hesitation: if you have three friends and like awkward, you need Gang Beasts in your life.

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Let’s Play This War of Mine

This War of Mine runs in contrast to the war games of history’s past. Instead of taking the role of the gun-toting victor, this game casts us into the plight of war’s victims. As a small community of scavengers incapable of escaping the violence, you have only one option from the outset: survive.

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