Month: November, 2014

WHY WE LOVE Screencheat – Subverted Rulesets

Screencheat might not be at the top of my “loves” as you’ll see in my latest review. But I still felt that it was worth recording some gameplay and showing what makes it unique. Enjoy.

GameCell – Curiosity Night

In which, we assemble the gamecell and explore the value of spiritual curiosity. And play curious games.

WHY WE LOVE A Bird Story – A Videogame About Love and Joy

Welcome to a world where beauty goes beyond pixel-deep. You’re in for a treat. Enjoy.

WHY WE LOVE Roguelight – Light The Darkness

We dive into the chunky abyss with nothing but a bow and illuminating arrows as Samus Everdeen (not her real name).

Recaps: Sickening Republique, Redemptive Nightmares, and Evil Holidays

Knock, knock! Want some links to sweet stuff about redemption in games?


This is a response to a Christian meme that showed up on Facebook. Zachery wrote about it in detail on Theology Gaming.

WHY WE LOVE Banner Saga – Empathy for Refugees

Just started a brand new overview video series about the redemptive qualities in videogames. Enjoy!