Month: December, 2014

The Final GameCell of 2014

On Friday, our GameCell got together for the last time of the year. It was a smaller core crew. We talked about what was working, what wasn’t and what we want next year to look like. Then we played some of the best games of the year.

Review Roundup: Borderland Tales in Wasteland 2 feel like This War of Mine

Jess liked Tales from the Borderlands’ first episode. A Borderlands game my wife likes might mean it’s a Borderlands my teenage friends dislike. But not necessarily. Maybe we’ll see how dudes feel about it at GameCell tonight?

GameCell Log #35 – Terrifying Looks from the Borderland SpeedRunners

Greg, Jason, Josh, and Tyler crammed into the living room just as Vince showed up with snacks. Soon, Richie, Michael, and Alex Hively filled up our living room to almost full size.

Recap: Never Alone Review – Inupiaq Study Bible

Never Alone impressed my dad. We dove into this people group’s history, and endured the frustrating gameplay to find something beautiful underneath.

GameChurch Space Monsters

On the GameChurch podcast this week, hosts Rich and Drew shared an Audio Documentary about six of us friends, Neptune’s Pride, and utter betrayal. If you think you might like a radio episode of Conquistador Star Trek, this is for you.

WHY WE LOVE Deus Ex – Nonlethal Solutions to Violent Worlds

Deus ex is commonly revered as the best PC game that came out in the year 2000. But many forget how powerful the game’s innovations really were.