Month: February, 2015

GameCell Preview: Filter Night

Here’s a preview of the GameCell get-together happening at my house 7pm on Friday, February 27.

Recap – Let’s Skyhook Game-Dev God Bodies!

In which we look at posts M. Joshua wrote on Plus 10 Damage about a couch brawler, the importance of game developer commentaries, and a review of Apotheon.

Sacrifice Night: A Mostly-Autonomous GameCell

In which our group of dudes run the GameCell meet-up almost entirely by themselves and we explore sacrifice and how it relates to now.

GameCell Preview: Sacrifice Night

Here’s a preview of this Friday’s GameCell get-together.

ROCKETS, Recaps, and Republiques

In which we round-up two Radiance Podcast episodes and two posts on Plus 10 Damage

I Love How Fables is Like the Old Testament

I just finished the fourth volume of Fables. People say it’s perhaps the best comics series of all time. They’re not exaggerating.

Semi-Autonomous GameCell: Alternate Culture Night

In which, our GameCell got together, we ran out of gamer Bibles, and almost-everything was led our GameCell participants (not me).