I Love How Fables is Like the Old Testament

by M. Joshua


I just finished the fourth volume of Fables. When people say it’s one of the best comics series of all time. They’re not exaggerating. Every page is awash in surprises, subtle variations of expectations, and culminations of anticipation. But I love it because it’s so much like the best stories in the Old Testament.

Yes, in the Bible.

That notion might strike you as strange. But consider that the best stories in the Bible also have this extreme air of familiarity but are contrasted with the subversion of expectations: David defeating Goliath may be just as iconic as a Fable. But it’s the fact that the little “defenseless” teen besting the symbol of military might that sticks with you.

So it is in Fables. The Big Bad Wolf is the sorta-kind protector. Snow White dishes out harsh justice. And Goldilocks is a murderer. Fables may not be inspired by the Holy Spirit. But the lessons in storytelling and contextualization ring so many bells.