Recap – Let’s Skyhook Game-Dev God Bodies!

by M. Joshua

In which we look at posts M. Joshua wrote on Plus 10 Damage about a couch brawler, the importance of game developer commentaries, and a review of Apotheon.

We’ve been posting a lot more on Plus10Damage thanks to a general influx of creativity. Here’s three of my latest contributions:

  1. Couch Corner – We Play Skyhook (Demo)
  2. Yes, You Should Listen To In-Game Dev Commentaries 
  3. The Body of  A Greek God – Apotheon Review

Oh, and Drew asked me to sub in for Rich on the Gamechurch Podcast tointerview Jennifer Scheidereit from Tengami:

  1. Gamechurch Podcast #30 Tengami’s Jennifer Schneidereit