Month: March, 2015

Articles: Blind Forest Dungeons Stress-Out Gravity’s Lynx Momma

In which we discover M. Joshua’s contributions elsewhere: some reviews, a feature about learning to parent humans by simulating lynx motherhood, and a videogame that explores the consequences of stress-management.

Conscience Night — A GameCell Recap

In which our GameCell crew meets in my house to discuss God, life, games, and how you keep a clean conscience. Then we play some hilarious videogames.

Ladies Night: A Special GameCell Recap

These ladies rocked the GameCell experience. We recap our first-ever GameCell Ladies Night.

Conscience Night: Dude GameCell Preview

This Friday, the classic GameCell crew covnerges in my living room to discuss the following questions loosely-related to our last get-together.

Ladies’ Night: A Special GameCell Preview

Tonight, I get to try the GameCell format with a completely different crew: the young women of my wife’s cell group, No Boys Allowed. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Here’s what we’ve got in-store:

Camp Orchard Hill Winter Blast

We took eighteen teenagers from our youth center to a winter retreat last weekend.

Articles: Oh No! Stardust-Robots Murdered Citizens of Earth!

In which we recap contributions elsewhere: A review of Stardust Vanguards, a how-to guide for political cartoon videogames, and why you should try ghost-detective work.

Filter Night: An Autonomous GameCell

In which our GameCell gets together to discuss how to filter and discern media. Then we played some rad videogames (that the crew helped me review).