Ladies Night: A Special GameCell Recap

by M. Joshua


My bride Jess invited me to bring the GameCell experience to her crew called No Boys Allowed. These females love games. So it was a perfect fit. We told them Jesus loves them, handed them a Jesus For the Win gamer bible and dove right into the questions.

What’s your name and your favorite game?

Whitney threw her hand up and shouted “LEFT 4 DEAD!” Maddy said, “Anything by Bethesda,” especially Fallout 3 and Skyrim (I once caught Madison holding a wisk and a masher in our kitchen. “I’m dual wielding!,” she says.). Jorja said Mario Kart (except Rainbow Road). And Frannie, Cheyenne, and Mini-Jess all agreed that they loved any game they could destroy others in — especially their dads or brothers.

For the lady-leaders, Heather said Pac Man was her go-to. Elise confessed her love for the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo. And my missus told everybody about her general hatred of games — with the exception of Yoshi’s Cookie for NES.

So, what’s GameCell?” I asked.

Maddy and a few others knew it was a get-together about games and God. But they didn’t know it started with a highly-interactive discussion where everybody’s voice mattered — espeically new girls. We connect with one another about life, God, and games. But that the most important thing is listening to one another.

From here, the lady-leaders led with the question cards I gave them:

Who do you like to play games with?” Jess asked.

“Anybody I can beat,” was a common answer.


What’s one reason girls have such a hard time getting along?” Heather asked.


I think Mini-Jess was the first to bring this up, which led to a chorus of “Mmmm, yeah” responses.

Jorja said that if a girl has a nasty demeanor, it ensures that she’s not gonna be able to get along. Maddy mentioned that mean attitudes from girls are why she prefers to be friends with boys instead of girls. Whitney and Elise also talked about how guys just generally seem easier to get along with.

Franny, I think, brought up that, “Girls are just really competitive about like everything.” There was no disagreement.

Elise shared Matthew 22:36-40:

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

We explained: Jesus is all like, “loving your neighbor is pretty much the most important thing.” It’s tied with loving God. This means that Jesus wants you to love other girls — especially the ones you don’t like.

Why do you think Jesus wants us to love each other?” Elise asked.

Celeste showed up right as the question landed. Jess hooked her up with a Jesus For the Win gamer bible and we got back to our question.

Heather pointed-out that “we need love. It’s kind of like life-blood.” The girls mulled this over for a bit. A few questions of clarification came up. But the idea came back: loving other girls — especially the ones we don’t like is really hard.

“Maybe if we need love, then we really need each other? Like maybe Jesus wants us to love one another because we need each other?” I said. Cheyenne and Jorja offered agreeable nods.

Do you guys pray over your discussion time?” I asked

Jess said we could do that.

I just wanted to close out our time. But Jorja seemed to maybe be the one to do it as she’s gone to church with us. “Would you mind closing us in prayer?” She said, “I don’t know what to pray.” Maddy asked, “Wouldn’t you just like thank God or something for our time together?” I said, “Yeah.”  Jorja said she still wouldn’t know what else to say or do and we told her that’s okay. “You’re thankful to God for our time and are excited to have a good time playing games, right?” I asked. “Yeah.” She said. “Okay, well Amen!”Good prayer Let’s have snack.”


Since it was just a day after the birthday of a certain birthday girl, Heather and jess decided to surprise somebody with a special birthday pizza.


Celeste pretended like she couldn’t handle all the attention (yes, she could).

Game time. 

“Who besides yourself do you pick to play first?” The ladies filled-up our couch and took the remaining floor space. Maddy got the most votes. Her choice? Puppeteer.


Maddy had to pick a partner since Puppeteer is a two-player co-op game. She picked Mini-Jess.

Maddy took the headless puppet role. She needed to find makeshift heads and to use her head-powers to solve simple jumpy puzzles. Mini-Jess jumped into the floating ghost cat and helped Puppet-Maddy find Moon-shineys. Ghost-Cat Mini-Jess vomited the Moon-shineys into Puppet-Maddy’s mouth. Teamwork!

Silly voices, loud clanky set-changes, and in-game audience reactions made it neat to watch and a little mysterious. By the end of the allotted half-hour, everybody knew how things worked. We stopped just before Maddy’s Puppet got the special magical scissor shears (that presumably make the game more interesting). But nevertheless our players had some fun and the viewer-ladies enjoyed the play.

Puppeteer was a B+ co-op game for our lady-crew to watch others play on PS3.

Whitney got next pick (as per crew votes). She chose Divekick.


Divekick’s two-button fighting seemed perfect for a bunch of competitive ladies new to fighting games. But it took Whitney and her first competitor, Jorja, a little bit to figure out how to move without directional input.

Whitney got the taste of digital blood and became a bit of a Divekick wrecking ball. Elise took Whitney on. And Cheyenne gave Whitney a few really nice kicks to the head. But Whitney held onto the Divekick title.

We gave some of the other ladies a shot at kicking each other in the head. They loved the ridiculous characters and their bonkers responses to victory and defeat. The crowd favorite was Redacted, the female skunk-bear who snuggles with her pups when she wins (while still having a cigar in her mouth).

Divekick was a B- fighting game for our lady-crew to beat each other up in. It could have been better if the ladies could button mash and smash each other around.


Celeste needed some game time. So we hooked her up with the controller and gave her the pick of the litter. She chose Flower.

It took her a good bit to figure out how to use the controller like a motion-driven thing with gyroscopic input and a few button presses. But after about five minutes, she was flying through meadows and collecting flower petals like a pro.


The other girls worked with Celeste to help her figure out where to go and what do to. They came together and worked interdependently without any of my instruction.

Flower was an A- game to watch Celeste play on PS3.

Only five minutes left. Whitney wants to see Thomas Was Alone. I try to give Franny the controller. But she passed back to Whitney.

Thomas perfectly illustrated the theme of the evening: that we need one another.  Whitney leaped through the first two levels before we could hear the narrator finish telling us what Thomas was thinking. She wanted to see the game! But we also wanted to know: why was Thomas alone?


Whitney and our crew got to meet Thomas’ first friend, Chris, who couldn’t jump as high as Thomas and he had a really bad attitude. Whitney controlled both of them at separate times to make them work together. They needed each other.

Everybody wanted to know what happened next to Thomas and Christopher, the little rectangles with big personalities. But we had to call it. We ran ten minutes over our time. We were all just really into it.

Thomas Was Alone was an A+ game to watch Whitney play.


Our ladies really enjoyed the night. Except for Luna, who was exhausted and sad that the ladies were spending more time in games than with her.