Month: April, 2015

Failure Fun Night — A GameCell Recap

Grace is most apparent in failure, right? At least, that was my assumption going into Failure Fun Night. Our crew got together with four new guys to explore the idea of failure and how Jesus might want us to look at it. Great times!

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Salvation

In which we look at the to know what I taught at my church this past Saturday on the topic of Salvation

Articles: Holy Week, Game-Parenting, and Rogue Babies with Spears

What videogames help you enter into Holy Week? Can videogames be a huge part of God’s calling in your life? What videogames connect parents and their children? And what games are worth checking out? We examine these questions in the following articles.

Trust Night — GameCell Recap

Do we learn to trust others just by spending time with them? And does that same idea apply to God and walking with him in prayer and Scripture? These questions guided our night together as we explored Trust on a special Good Friday GameCell night.

How A Videogame Helped Syrian War Children

Discover how a videogame about victims of war provided funding and care for Syrian refugee children.