Month: May, 2015

Articles: Two Sets of 5 Things And Videogame Pornography?

I wrote more things! This time I go from sounding really liberal to really prudish! Oh, and I’m making game trailers now, so I might as well toss that out there. 5 Best Game Trailers of the Week — Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker & More I’m wrapping up the five best trailers of the week over […]

Relational Tension Night — GameCell Recap

Our crew explored the value of healthy relational tension and played four games that demonstrated that kind of good tension!

Best Indie Trailers of the Week #2

I’m thinking a lot lately on what makes the best indie game trailers. Fortunately, we’re never for lack of great ones to look at. This week is chock-full of smart trailers that connect with would-be players:

Articles: Telepath Cowboys Don’t Hate Miami

I wrote some things! Oh goodie. We’ve got some tasty little reviews and some reflections on how games relate to faith (big surprise from me, right?). All articles wrap around the themes of engaging with the moral underbellies of videogame places that test one’s convictions. Or give you opportunity to witness bad choices outside yourself? You decide.

What’s A GameCell?

Take a look at our swanky new video that shows what a GameCell is all about.

Best Indie Game Trailers of the Week

Here’s the 5 best game trailers of this week — and why they’re great.

Quick Night: A Gamecell Recap

What does the Bible say about the word quick? Our GameCell finds out and plays some games with quick-action!

Wanna Conquer Fear Like Jesus?

Let’s take a look at how you handle your fears and how Jesus dealt with his fears. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle?